Sunday, May 18, 2014

Homeschool Play: Between the Lines

The TIME Homeschool Co-op that we take part in 3 semesters per year, puts on a play each winter. This year, we enlisted the help of an amazing woman named Betty Ashcraft who taught drama in the high school for over 20 years and is now retired. She did such an amazing job of selecting a play to accommodate our unlikely bunch of varying age groups and skill levels, and of encouraging and creating a safe environment for the children to try. It was a musical, which provided an extra challenge. I was really impressed with the work they all put into it as well as the quality of performance. I didn't expect it to be very good, but was delighted at the result. But most importantly, all the children had a good experience and grew in their confidence on stage. Hunter was cast as one of the narrators and sang 2 duets which sounded great! Connor blew us away with a strong and clear solo. He has got a set of lungs!! His part was that of Devin who was a 7 year old human boy that terrorized the fairy tale characters from the other world because of his human-ness. There were two performances with a nice luncheon in between. The mothers each brought food and the kids ate in the cultural hall (the play was held at the stake center.) I watched the first show and then helped in the nursery during the second show. Ryan had been sick all day, but drug himself out of bed to come to the second show. He was glad he did. Aunt Kari and her children also came to watch, which made the boys feel really special. The Jonas cousins.

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