Sunday, February 2, 2014

God Loves Teagan, Warts and All!

The last 2 years, we have been battling warts that began forming all over Teagan's hands. I took him to the doctor and he recommended filing them each day so the body would recognize them and the immune system would take care of them. We came home and began the regiment of daily filing (which was a big pain!) To our dismay, instead of the body get rid of them, they began to multiply. He went from having 15 or so, to double that! It must have spread the virus because Ashton started getting them as well! I don't typically take my children in for annual health check=ups because I don't like passing the bill on to the taxpayers, but because of the warts, when his annual check up came due, I took him in to see what could be done. I am so grateful I did. Last year his eyes seemed to check out perfectly, but this year, he couldn't even see the big E with his left eye. I was very concerned and went in to talk with the doctor. After discussing his eye, we started talking about his warts. He took Teagan's hands and couldn't find any warts. "What?" How can you miss them? I took his hands, and sure enough, there wasn't a wart left. A few scars, yes. But not a single wart! In a matter of 2 weeks since I had last looked at his hands, his immune system had destroyed them. God revealed His love for Teagan that day because not only did he bless Teagan's body to fight off the warts, but unknown to us, there was a hidden blessing in those warts. They were the only reason I took him in to be checked. Because we homeschool, we don't have the annual eye checks they do at the schools. We wouldn't have known that Teagan's eyes needed help. But, because we have caught his vision problems early, there is a very good chance we can correct it and he might not have to wear glasses the rest of his life. Teagan had to have some drops put into his eyes to dilate them. While we waited for them to dilate, we walked over to McDonalds for an ice cream cone. Teagan got to wear some really hip glasses to help keep the light out of his eyes.
Dr Nathan Price is in our ward and he took great care of Teagan.
Teagan picked out these glasses. He looks so handsome. He has been really good about taking care of them and remembering to put them away when he rough-houses with his brothers.

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