Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunday Best

Thought I'd take a snapshot of the kids headed off for church. Sometimes we do well with black socks, hair combed, teeth brushed, full tummies, matching shoes, and ON TIME!!! But other times we have stark white socks glaring out from black slacks, bed heads, etc... Last week I was on time till I was pulled over by a policeman. What do they do back there in their car that takes so dang long??? My tardiness created a little problem cause I happen to be the Sacrament meeting chorister. That has been a great calling for me cause it does tend to help me be on time.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter Days

I know you are all SHOCKED that I am blogging before my schedule bi-annual posting! Frankly, so am I. But we did get internet for the time being until another malicious virus attacks and sends us sprawling backwards to the 19th century!

Just a quick snapshot of what's going on at our house this winter.

Ryan has been fixing up a 1907 home so we can rent or flip it. He has been working like crazy and is definitely stressed out of his mind*! He is our hero out there slaying dragons!

Hunter has been reading every A-Z mystery and Jack Sparrow book he can get his little hands on. Sometimes he will read 5 hours in a day! Amazing! I don't remember doing that when I was 7. He is also getting ready to be baptized in April. We have been teaching him about the committment he will be making and he is getting so excited.

Ashton is growing like a weed! He is really working on his thigh cellulite (I'm especially glad to know that in this area he takes after me.... hey beggers can't be choosers! everyone always says all our boys look like Ryan!) He is the most peaceful baby. We are so spoiled! He has been so much fun... makes me want to have 10 more. NOT!!!! (is that saying still 'in' or am I really showing my age?)

And speaking of weeds, I have been burning weeds for 3 days and my eyelashes are singed off as well as a good majority of my bangs! "What is that stench? Oh yeah, it's my hair...." kind of hard to get away from.

Hunter and I have been mucking cow stalls... kind of a 'crappy' job if ya know what I mean.

Ryan took the boys out on the sled and pulled them around with the 4 wheeler the other day on one of the rare days it has snowed this winter. IT has been so mild that we are getting soft!

For Christmas we went down to my parent's house and all my siblings got together. It was wonderful to see everyone. Here's my dad with Ashton.