Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Reunion

The kids and I took a trip down to Utah last week to go to a Williamson family reunion. I went a few days early to help my mom with my brother's children as his wife was at camp and he was working. We wrangled 7 kids for 3 days! phew*** We were pretty relieved when Hayden and Heather showed up to get them... not that they were naughty or anything. They actually were really good, I'm just not used to that much 'entertainment' shall we say. On Saturday, we had the reunion. It was held at my Aunt Jenny and Uncle Kenny's home. They purchased a blow up slide and the kids spent all frolicking in it. It was a hit!

The little babies played in a little pool.

We adults ate and caught up with each other. It was so wonderful to see my family and learn about their lives. All of my siblings were able to come and it was so much fun to see the cousins playing together and remember all of my fond memories with my cousins through the years.

This is my gorgeous sister, Mindy with my cousin, Lacee Hale and her little boy.

This is my newest neice, Brielle.

Here she is with her dad, Tyler and my mom. She is the CUTEST baby!

I loved this picture of my little Teagan. What a sweetie pie. This is the pose he makes so he can get anything he wants.
We had a wonderful day. I'm glad we went down.