Thursday, August 28, 2008

Berry Pickin'

About 45 minutes from our house, we have an amazing 4 wheeler trail that takes us to a most delicious wild raspberry patch. Last year the bears had eaten most of them before we got to them. It had been so dry it drove the bears down closer to the reservoir. But this year they were growing bountifully because of the heavy rain and snowfall last winter. We took the family up and picked to our heart's (and tummy's) content. We left with not a few scratches and cuts from the thorns on those vines. They are brutal. But we decided it was worth it and will definitely check out the patch next year. I came home and made fresh raspberry jam. It was 'descrumptious' as Hunter says. Then, behind the scenes, I had some fun getting raspberry stains out of all our clothes...

18 Puppies

I think we've spent 300.00 in puppy chow in the last 7 weeks cause we have this big hole in our pocket... eaten away by little puppy teeth. We have 3 adult German Shorthairs (1 male and 2 females.) We had only planned on breeding one of our females, but our wiley (o.k., so he's downright horny) male got to our other female before we even knew she was in heat. She had 12. Can you believe that? I'm just glad that most women don't have litters. I have trouble taking care of 3 as single births!!! And to think they even do it without hands. So if anybody you know wants a German Shorthair Pointer, we just might have a few left over.

This is the 'Oh Crap! I think I just stepped in it' look.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Temple Open House

The boys and I joined the girls youth group from our church and car pooled to a new temple in our area for the LDS temple open house. They have tours through the newly erected temple for a couple of weeks before the dedication. After that, only church members are allowed to go in. It was beautiful. My boys really enjoyed it--especially the baptismal font and the cookies at the end of the tour! I had to agree that the cookes were delicious. Leon Parsons did some the painting on the walls inside and it was unbelievable! What a gifted artist!!!

Afterwards we went a park close by and had a picnic and headed home. Here's a couple pictures from the temple grounds.