Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's Getting WIGGY Around Here!

Here's a few pictures
from our wiggy little home this Spring.
Hunter came up with Sable dressed in this wig the other day, and I couldn't stop laughing. Her head with all that hair looked HUGE on top of her little body (kinda like E.T.) Her little poses were just too adorable. We just can't get enough of this sweet and sassy little girl!

  Next is Teagan sporting his fabulous "Billy Bob Teeth" that he begged to get for Christmas. He kept sneaking mine and wearing them around the house (which was a little gross.)I think he figured out that was a good way to motivate me to buy him his own! little dude... He's had a lot of fun just wearing them randomly around the house. It's also a great way to explain what happens to teeth when we don't brush them      regularly.
Funny how everyone has upped their tooth-care routine. (No, not really, but it was worth a try. ha ha!) 


Lastly, I thought a little girl had stopped by the play dress-up when I realized it was Connor. What has amazed me through the years is how much fun children have with dress-up. It doesn't matter if they are 5 or 15, boy or girl, male or female. Everyone laughs and has a good time. These days, the boys and their friends get such a kick out of dressing up in everything from super hero garb to dresses and wigs!  I almost can't decide if the boys like dressing up more than the girls or vice versa. But either way, it looks like the costume box is here to stay! But hopefully Connor in a wig, isn't.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

An Undefeated Season!

Hunter played soccer again this Spring and had an amazing team. They were undefeated all season! He had the same coach from last year (Coach Tirado) and he is terrific. He is patient and really knows the game well. He does a good job of motivating the boys while staying calm. Hunter had a good experience. I signed him up because I understood he wanted to play. Then I found out he wasn't happy that I had done so because he wasn't wanting to pay half of the fee which was $10.00. (That was the deal if the boys wanted to play.) He knows the value of money because he had to earn that by pulling weeds for 8 hours! I couldn't get our money back because the season had already started. His team needed him as there were only 2 extra players on the team. None-the-less, he struggled to make the decision of whether he wanted to continue playing. He doesn't enjoy running a great deal and the coach did quite a bit of conditioning. I told him I could pay him back, because of the misunderstanding, but he needed to decide and let his coach know if he wasn't coming back. He sat for a long time wrestling back and forth and even got a little emotional. At this point, I felt it would be important for future choices to learn how to weigh the pros and cons and work through making a difficult decision. I taught him how to make a pros and cons list and he spent a few minutes thinking through the consequences of his decision. In the end, he decided to play. I wasn't surprised when I looked at the list and see that the number one pro was that his team mates were counting on him. He is always wanting to help and serve others. I took him to practice and he had a great time. When he got back in the car he had a big smile on his face and he told me that he was really glad he decided to play. Connor and Teagan played soccer as well and did a great job. Connor had several opportunities to practice with Hunter's team and play some scrimmages, which made his chest puff out. The coach told me that Connor is a great player and can really run fast. He loves to run and loves soccer. I hope we can get him on a year round team eventually. Teagan really enjoyed it as well. This was only his second season, and he is still working on getting control of the ball amidst the mass of feet! It was really fun to go and watch the boys play each weekend. We hope to play soccer at the park with friends through the summer to keep up their skills.